JioMusic – JioBeats – Play – Download HD Music – Radio

JioMusic – JioBeats – Play – Download HD Music – Radio

As we have shared with you about various Jio Applications like MyJio app, JioCinema, JioTV and JioMoney. Again here we have one more app to share with you i.e. JioMusic. Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt Ltd. presents to you amazing all in one Music Player – JioMusic – JioBeats – Play – Download HD Music – Radio

Everyone likes to play, listen or sing music. For some people, Music is their companion, for some music is passion and for some Music is medicine to heal them entirely. Everyone wants to enhance good experience while listening or playing music and that too is possible only by good music player and system. So, with the view of Digital Life, Reliance Jio launched JioMusic. No matter where you are, you can Play Music even While on the move.

JioMusic – JioBeats – Play – Download HD Music – Radio

JioMusic is also known as JioBeats. Jio Music allows user to play and access millions of music tracks in HD across various genre, moods, artists and languages. In this online music streaming app, you will come across from Latest Bollywood songs to hard to find golden classic songs. JioMusic has covered over 1Cr+ songs across all languages, moods, genre and artist.

The Genre and Moods covered by JioMusic are Devotional, romantic, friendship, party, kids, rock, pop, Qawwalli, work-out, Hip-Hop, Gazals, dance, soulful, jazz and more.

By clicking on left drawer of menu, You will come across Home, Radio, Recommendations, Downloads, My Music, Setting, support, Go offline and  Logout section.

You can Go offline and listen downloaded music while you are on enabled data connection  which will not lead you to extra data charges. You can Download – songs, albums and playlists and listen offline.

JioBeats – Player Queue – Clear- Save- Download all. Yes, JioBeats- The player of JioMusic allows you to queue, add to playlist, go to album, favourite, song information, download and remove directly from the player queue. Song information covers details about artist, lyricist and cast of the song.

How to get JioMusic app:

JioMusic app is available for free, exclusively for Jio SIM users. You can download JioMusic on your Android device (OS 4.3 and above) or iOS (OS 7.0 and above) operating system via Google Play store and App store respectively. However, there is no official launched app for windows or PC. JioMusic is accessible only with JIO network.

Download jio – music from here

After downloading, login with your jio SIM or you can skip also and you are all set to use this amazing app.

JioMusic- Smart Features:

JioMusic – HD Music and Radio has smart features which are mentioned below. These Smart features of JioMusic app will definitely impress you so have a look at it:

  • Radio: JioMusic- HD Music and Radio has smart feature to play Radio on the player. It has so many Radio stations like Melodious 80’s, Chart-buster 2000’s, Flashback 90’s and many more.
  • Download songs and Listen offline: JioMusic allows you to download your favourite songs to play offline. You can play downloaded song on offline mode while your data connection is on which would not cost you any extra data.
  • Smart personalized Recommendations: As More you listen music on JioMusic, the more JioMusic would learn your taste, and then it may give you the better Recommendations of your choice.
  • My-Music: The option available in Menu for My Music would show you list of all your songs, albums, my playlist, Recently heard. It may allow you to play all and clear all songs of the list.
  • Audio Quality:  JioMusic – The exclusive music app allow you set audio quality of your choice from very low (32kbps)  to very high (320 kbps). It has very low, low (64Kbps), Medium (128Kbps), High (256Kbps) and very High (320Kbps) audio quality setting.
  • Download Status & Download Quality: It allows you to view Download status in setting section. Moreover, It also allows you to set Download Quality as per your choice. It has Download Quality from low (128Kbps), Medium (256Kbps) to High (320Kbps).
  • Equalizer: Now Bring out the DJ in you by customizing listening experience with audio modes (Supports in Selected Smartphones). However, this feature is in Beta version for now but will be deployed soon.
  • Player Queue: player queue allows you to Re-Arrange songs and Create your own play list. From there you can directly go to album. You can clear or save the queue and also allowed to download it.
  •  Theme: There is option to enable Light & Dark theme. So you can choose theme of your choice and allows you to go easy on  your eyes.
  • Search: From search section, you can search for any song, album or artist in the JioMusic by entering related fields into the search bar at the top of the page. Just tap on search icon in the search bar and enter the song / album / playlist / artist name.
  • Tap setting: This is a unique feature and may be world’s first which lets you customize what happens when you tap on a song. It has two options that is Play and queue. If you set it on Play, it will instantly play song by tapping on it. when you set it queue, the song will added to the queue.

JioMusic provides truly Unlimited Ads-Free access to HD music in your favorite languagewithout any kind of barriers. Listen Music anytime, anywhere on your finger tips. Play & Download your favorite HD Songs without any additional charges unlike other music apps. Do Comment below and let us know about your experience with JioMusic app.

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