Google Earth Android

Google Earth Android

Some of the most interesting services offered by Google, especially for the most curious users, are those that have to do with maps and cartography. On the one hand, Google Maps, and on the other, Google Earth. The latter is the application that by overlaying satellite images, aerial photos, geographical information from GIS models and computer-based models, offers us the possibility to explore the planet in 2D and 3D.

The app to explore the planet without moving an inch

It’s an app with which we can travel the world by just swiping our finger and zooming in and out. Thus, we can fly over any region mapped by satellite and access information about the area or places we want to explore.

New York, London, Barcelon, Ulan Bator: travel to anywhere around the world.

This is the Android version in APK format but Google Earth has also been developed for other platforms such as iOS, Windows PC, and the web to make online queries. It comes along with the following functions and features:

  • Possibility to find any place on Earth by exploring manually or using this search tool: input the name and check the results in real time.
  • Cards with information taken from Wikipedia and other sources about cities, regions, and other points of interest on the map.
  • 3D view from different angles being able to modify the orientation of the compass.
  • Voyager option to explore places and contents curated by the editors.
  • Feeling Lucky? option to go to any random place around the world.
  • Explore the real world at ground level thanks to the Street View mode.
  • Save a list with your favorite places.
  • Take a screenshot of any place and share it with your contacts by means of chat and instant messaging app or email.
  • Share your location through the application.
  • Share links with other contacts.

Fast and simple navigation

The app allows you to move around the map very easily. You only need to swipe your finger across the screen and zoom in and out whenever you want. With the compass, you can get your north, south, east or west bearings and you can choose between a 2D and 3D view of the location you’re visiting.

Finally, you can explore any place at ground level if the latter has been photographed by Google’s cars for the Street View mode. Just tap the man and then the place where you want to go.

To the classic navigation system, we also have to add the possibility to use the Voyager mode, a function with which we can discover different places around the world sorted by categories or editor picks: museums from all over the world, places to go surfing, tours around town, parks in the middle of the city, safaris in Africa…

What’s new in the latest version

  • It now offers a Photos layer that allows us to view geolocated images shared by other users.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.

This app is impressive because it is programmed for people that need something for direction especially for location like a map. The app has program, which is controlled from the touchscreen completely. Therefore, if you have larger screen, you will get more advantages in this app. You can tap if you want to zoom in. For zoom out, you can pinch the screen and use your two fingers to rotate and tilt the map. Although this app looks simple, it will be not simpler because there is some place that cannot be accessed by this app. Because of that, if you want to see the location that you want to see, you can swipe your screen and zoom until you have surveyed entire the planet.

The improvement of the apps

In this app, you will see some improvement that will amaze you when you use the app. The improvement of this app uses 8.0.0. The interface of this app has been simplified. The graphic is also going to improve because it will be better. The app uses 3D images so that it will be clearer map and it will be smoother transition especially between the layers. It will be impressive to use this app for your need.

The features of the apps

To help you using this app, you will get some features. You will get new experience when using the app. One of the best features that can be found in this app is My Location. This feature will lead you to take where you are using the app. Besides, other apps such as Layers also will help you to enable and disable the secondary sources of information. It is like Wikipedia and photos. In this app setting, you also can specify more technical detail. It will help you to use the app suitable with your need.

However, this app also has some pros and cons that should you know before installing the app. Here are some pros and cons of the app:


  • You can access the app easily
  • You can save into SD
  • It has some choice layers


  • It is rather hard to manage the navigation to close up the graphic color
  • It does not measure up in terms of usability

How to use

To use this Google Earth for Android is not difficult. If you have installed the app, you only click the app. Write the location that you want to see, the app will search the location fast. When you share the location, you only need to click “share” at the app to send for your friend or family to know your current location.


  • Bug fixes

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